Founded in 1995, continuing the vlachian shepherding tradition, Holder Trade Company's main activities are lamb raising and finishing, and lamb meat processing.




25 years




Vlachian Lamb

Raised with care in the lands of Dobruja, Romania

Our brand, Vlachian Lamb, represents the trademark of the highest quality fresh lamb meat, with a peculiar and refined taste and always the same consistent quality.

Its signature taste comes from the unique combination of our century old tradition in sheep raising and particular habitat of Dobruja lands. At Holder Trade we do everything in our power to carry on the rich tradition of the Vlachian Lamb product and also to make it worldwide renowned.

We offer a full range of chilled lamb meat products, either as cuts or full carcasse, with the ability to tailor products to individual customer requirements. We can supply the highest quality fresh lamb products all year round, to meet our customer requirements.

High quality standards

Our products are certified to the highest quality standards

Quality is for us the most important point, starting from farming the raw material used for the feed of the animals, to the slaughterhouse that correspond with all quality standards, including a well trained staff with strict veterinary controls and finishing in de-boning plants with the same high standard.
Vlachian Lamb is processed and packed in HACCP certified facilities consistent with an approved Halal certification and regulated by the Romanian Government guaranteeing superior food safety and hygiene.

HALAL Certificate

HACCP Certificate

ISO Certificate

Slaughterhouse Registration

Cereal crops provide the feed for our animals

We cultivate agricultural land in Northern Dobrogea

The cereals that we cultivate are obtained from carefully selected varieties in order to serve as fodder basis for the lambs that we feed. Following our experience of over 25 years in the crops cultivation, we tested and refined the whole agricultural and technological flow, obtaining fodder ratios of the highest quality, with significant properties and nutritional values, which are subsequently harnessed in the quality of our products.

Distribution network

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