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25 years



with Romanian capital

Vlachian Lamb

Carefully grown in the lands of Dobrogea

Our brand, the Vlachian Lamb, represents the lamb with a peculiar and refined taste which can be found in the lands of Dobrogea. Its taste is unmistakable and the same thing can be told about its rich tradition. At Holder Trade we do everything we can in order to carry on this rich tradition of the Vlachian Lamb product and also to make it renowned both on the national and international level.

In the farm, there are grown and sacrificed or exported as livestock over 120.000 animals on an annual basis.

High quality standards

Our products are certified to the highest quality standards

HALAL Certified

HACCP Certified

ISO Certified

Stampila Abator

Authorised producer

We grow and commercialize cereals

We exploit ca. 3000 hectares of agricultural land in Northern Dobrogea

The cereals that we grow are obtained from carefully selected varieties in order to serve as fodder basis for the sheep which we grow. Following our experience of over 25 years in the growth of cereals, we tested and refined the whole agricultural and technological flow, obtaining fodder ratios of the highest quality, with significant properties and nutritional values, which are subsequently harnessed in the quality of our products.

Distribution network

We are constantly expanding to be closer to our partners

We are looking trading partners who are interested in importing our products.

Our colleagues from the export department are at your disposal.