The vlachian tradition in shepherding is a testimony for our ability to produce lamb meat with a constant quality and an excellent taste.


The beginning

Family business

Holder Trade started its activity in 1995 as a small family business. The main activity of the company at the time of its establishment was the growth of cereals (big culture) and, in time, having this solid basis, the company made the leap to the next step: animals’ growing and fattening.

Crops for ensuring the animal feed

At present, Holder Trade cultivates an area  of approximately 3.000 hectares of land, area which ensures the feed rations for the animals in our farm. The crops consist mainly of barley, wheat, alfalfa, corn and sunflower.

Performance in growing livestock

In the zoo-technical sector, we gained a vast experience in the last 15 years, experience which is harnessed by growing and fattening the ovine youth. Overcoming the obstacles which occurred turned out to be the cornerstone of the expertise that we gained and which helps us to offer renowned products of the highest quality in Romania, as well as in Europe and Asia.

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Finite products

In 2010 we decided that our transition should not stop only to the zoo-technical stage and the growth of livestock, thus deciding that the development of the company must continue towards the branch of the food industry, by building a slaughter house and a section for cutting and packing the meat. This decision contributed significantly to the consolidation of the Holder Trade brand, as it started to be associated more and more with the superior quality of the lamb made available to our customers.

100% romanian capital

Although the opportunities of a more-than-advantageous exit existed and still exist, we wish to continue to serve our customers who are used to the exquisite quality of the products offered by Holder Trade. From the grown varieties to the food recipe and growth mode, all these aspects mean, eventually, the unmistakable taste which is sought and appreciated by the Holder Trade customers, whose satisfaction represents our mission.

Quality - a cumulation of factors

The quality and the characteristics of the meat mainly depend on the origin, breed and habitat.

The shelter, hygiene, micro-climate and ratios are carefully selected in order to obtain the best results that can be provided by the breeds that we grow.

Therefore, having well established quality standards doubled by constant procedures and measurements, starting from the farm level to the shelves, we have full control over the quality of our products.

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Slaughterhouse Registration

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