We can ensure rapid livestock delivery, air freight or sea freight transport.


Livestock export

Holder Trade has 20 years experience in livestock export in optimum condition to meet all the requirements of our customers. 

Our main operations for livestock exports are going to countries from GCC states, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and so on.

The breeds of the animals can vary from Merino to Cross breed Merino or the regional Romanian breeds.

Romanian lamb breeds have special characteristics such as high daily increase in weight and the main feature of the Romanian lamb is the high flavor of the meat and also a very marbled meat.

Lamb growing and fattening

20 years experience

With 20 years experience in lamb growing and feedlotting, Holder Trade  is one of the most important Romanian companies in the field, with a farm that can host more than 45.000 heads at once.

Our shelters have fully automated feeding and watering systems and all of our feed for the animals is harvested from our own fields. The fattening period of the lambs is usually between 30 and 45 days, in this period the lambs go through distinct strides of different feed ratio, health and welfare monitoring.

 Our professional team, veterinarians, zoo-technicians and other dedicated people, ensures the best welfare conditions for the animals and the best health conditions of the animals, thus obtaining a high quality supply of livestock for our final customers.

Transport by sea or air

We can ensure rapid delivery, airfreight or sea freight transport, from Midia Port in the Black Sea.

We do understand the traditions of the Middle East countries, so we can organize livestock lambs transport shortly before the most important celebrations, such as Ramadan or Eid Al Adha.

Transport by sea freight

We have a good infrastructure base including transportation for the animals, before export quarantine amenities and adaptation for export of the animals.

The livestock transportation is done with trucks that comply with animal welfare conditions, equipped with ventilation and watering systems and a generous roof space for the animals.

Our personnel ensures the entire supply chain to guarantee best animal welfare practice during transportation to the vessels and also on board.

Transport by air

We can organize also airfreight shipments of livestock according to all the welfare and sanitary veterinary regulations.

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