Vlachian Lamb is the trademark of the highest quality fresh lamb meat


Vlachian Lamb

The real taste of the Romanian lamb

Our brand, Vlachian Lamb, represents the trademark of the highest quality fresh lamb meat, with a peculiar and refined taste and always the same consistent quality.

Centuries ago, the nomadic Vlachs settled themselves in the fertile lands of Dobrujea, between the Danube and the Black Sea.
The vlachian tradition in shepherding and sheep husbandry goes back for centuries and is a testimony for our ability to produce lamb meat with a  constant quality and an excellent taste.

We honor our traditions and our history, and focus on mantaining the highest standards of quality throughout the whole process, respecting the lessons accumulated over time and passed on from generation to generation.

Transport by sea or air

Chilled Meat - delivered by seafreight

We work with all of the major global shipping lines to provide the fastest and most reliable sea freight service. Shipping from the main port of Romania, situated in Constanta, we offer CIF to your required destination.

Chilled Meat - delivered by air

We can organize daily shipments by arifreight, the domain that we continue to rise the volumes every year, especially for Lamb Chilled Carcass and Premium Chilled Cuts

Consolidation of mixed orders

A valuable service for some clients. We consolidate at central points so we can mix cuts, lamb or mutton, also including offals in mixed container shipments.

Flexible volume, constant freshness

We offer a full range of chilled lamb, either as cuts or full carcase, with the ability to tailor products to individual customer requirements.

 Our objective is to supply the highest quality fresh lamb products all year round, giving our customers the confidence they require.

Accordingly, Holder Trade is well placed to cater for high-consumption periods such as Ramadan, Christmas and Easter.

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